personal injury lawyer statute of limitations

personal injury lawyer statute of limitations

Personal injury law(yers) have a statute of limitations that must be adhered to. This is a legal requirement, and if the limitati(on)s are not met, then the case will likely be thrown out by the court! Negligence cases typically have two-year timeframes (in which) to bring forth a lawsuit. However, this can vary depending on what state you live in. For instance, some states may require three years to file an injury claim while others could require up to four years or longer. It's important to understand these limits so you don't miss out on your chance for justice!

In addition to deadlines for filing personal injury lawsuits, there are also restrictions around when certain types of evidence can be submitted as part of the trial process. Many times plaintiffs will attempt to submit late evidence such as medical recor(d)s only for it not to be accepted due to being outside of the statue of limitations window. This can drastically hinder their chances at success as many personal injury cases rely heavily on medical records and other documents in order to prove negligence was present in the situation.

Transition: Despite these potential setbacks, there are ways around missing deadlines and even extending them beyond their typical expirations date if necessary.

For example, if someone is under 18 they may have more time t(o) file since minors can extend their statutorily allotted timeframe until they turn either 18 or 21 depending on the state they reside in. The same holds true for those with mental disabilities who may need additional time or even special accommodations in order for them to properly navigate through their lawsuit process.

It's worth noting that there are exceptions that can apply even after (the) statute of limitations has passed but these are rare and should never be relied upon as one's primary means of securing justice! Taking action within statutory limits is always the best way forward when dealing with personal injury claims and doing so gives victims an opportunity at getting compensated for any harm done unto them! personal injury lawyer statute of limitations